SPC Flooring Extrusion Line


Product Description:

SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite. SPC floor is designed to exceed.

The main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ PVC Powder + Stabilizer. Different from regular vinyl floor, there is no plasticiser inside, so SPC flooring extrusion Line is more environmentally friendly.

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SPC Flooring Extrusion Line:


SPC flooring mainly structured with the UV Coating , abrasion resistant paper ,decorative paper film and core board. Meanwhile IXPE& CORK option available for high end usage.

The SPC flooring extrusion line consists of extruder, mold, setting machine, cooling table, tractor, cutting machine, and stacking table. The operation is simple, and the size, thickness and density of the board can be adjusted.

SPC flooring extrusion line is a popular product in Japan and South Korea in Europe, America and Asia. It is popular abroad. It has entered the Chinese market since the early 1980s. It has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China and is widely used, such as indoor homes, hospitals, etc. Schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commerce, stadiums and other places.

The whole unit adopts programmable computer control or domestic brand control system. And the control of the whole unit is reliable and stable. SPC flooring extrusion line is a set of doors made of natural high-quality wood powder and polyvinyl chloride as the main raw materials, using nanotechnology and micro-foaming technology, and extruding through high temperature and high pressure at one time. There are no harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the production process of wood-plastic products.

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