Professional spc floor types and cleaning methods


SPC flooring is a rubber floor, which has been widely used in many occasions, such as kindergartens, elderly activities, etc. KINGSHINE is a professional SPC Flooring Line manufacturere and factory from China, This article we will introduce the concrete situation of SPC flooring in detail.


1. What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials. Styrene butadiene, high benzene and cis butadiene rubber are synthetic rubber and by-products of petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber harvested from artificially cultivated rubber trees.

A wide range of practical scope of stone and plastic flooring: home balcony, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, entertainment place, gym, training hall, stage machine room, substation, jingmi instrument manufacturing and storage facilities, match factory, fireworks factory, national defense ammunition warehouse, warship anti-skid deck office, office building, pedestrian passageway of villa and ship anti-skid passageway nursery, kindergarten, elderly activity zhongxin, bath pool of medium-sized children’s playground Swimming pool, massage room, medical treatment.

2. Type SPC flooring

Floor decoration is an important part of architectural decoration. Generally speaking, the ground decoration materials are as follows:

(1) Floor paint or floor wax;

(2) Ceramic floor (various ceramic tiles, quartz tiles, etc.);

(3) Stone floor (marble, granite, rubble floor);

(4) Textile products (wool carpet, chemical fiber carpet, etc.);

(5) Wood floor (log floor, composite wood floor);

(6) Synthetic floor tiles (SPC flooring, floor leather, etc.)

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3. Cleaning method of SPC flooring

(1) Add 1 cup of fabric cleaner to each half bucket of water to make the SPC flooring look like newly waxed water.

(2) The multifunctional detergent solution has a good cleaning effect on the SPC flooring. First, carefully read the precautions on the product label, and test the Zui in the corner of the floor before use.

(3) To remove the footprints on the SPC flooring, use gaoji steel wool dipped in liquid floor wax. In the process of wiping, gently wipe off the stains, and then dry them with a damp cloth.

(4) The accumulated wax should be removed frequently with detergent or dewaxing agent.

(5) Solvent based products may soften and destroy SPC flooring.

(6) Avoid washing the floor with water. Too much water will peel the adhesive off the floor.


4. Development status of  SPC flooring

According to the market survey, 25 points in the domestic stone and plastic flooring industry and stone and plastic flooring account for 1 ‰ of the local wood industry. Therefore, the development potential of SPC flooring in the building materials industry is very large. Compared with foreign products, domestic stone plastic flooring products are produced according to customer requirements. At present, the quality of domestic stone plastic flooring is on a par with that of foreign stone plastic flooring.

This article introduces the related knowledge of stone and plastic flooring. If you also like stone flooring, you can use stone flooring at home to protect children and the elderly. SPC Flooring Making Machine is in a period of vigorous development in recent years. I believe that more and more places will use this kind of floor.

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