The introduction of PVC integrated wall panel machine integrated wall will be a milestone start in the home wear industry. The scope of integrated wall use in the interior is to use all three-dimensional spaces except the ground, and to complete it at once, greatly shortening the home wear time, and at the same time, saving a lot of labor costs. The performance characteristics of PVC integrated wall panel equipment are as follows:
1. Series of special extruding equipment for wood plastic plate, equipped with a stable output, high torque DC motor drive, stable performance, energy conservation and high efficiency, large extrusion output.

Performance Characteristics of PVC Integrated Wall Panel Production Line-PVC SPC Flooring Machine | WPC Foam Board Machine | Wall Panel Machine | Marble Sheet Machine | Laminate Sheet Extrusion Lines | Kingshine Plastic Machine

2. Vacuum diameter fixing table, specially designed cooling system, easy to shape the cooling of the product.
3. Optional high-end programmable computer control, intelligent across the board.
4. Screw core cooling oil constant temperature system, automatic temperature control, so that the material to achieve the best plastic state, the use of vacuum exhaust screw, so that the water in the material is fully volatile, ensure product quality.
The integrated wall completely makes indoor decoration farewell to the use of paint and other harmful materials for the human body, so that the concept of environmental protection for home wear has truly achieved “low carbon and low emissions.” This is also one of the reasons why PVC integrated wall panel machine is becoming more and more popular. The advantages of PVC integrated wall panel machine products are many, which has brought greater economic benefits to PVC integrated wall panel equipment.

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