Do you know what SPC flooring is?


Kingshine is a specializing in the SPC flooring production line manufacturer from Chinese. Now let’s tell you what SPC flooring is.

SPC refers to the stone plastic (or polymer) composite material, which represents the stone plastic composite material. It is characterized by that the core part is usually composed of calcium carbonate (limestone), PVC and plasticizer. It is designed to completely replicate traditional flooring materials such as stone, ceramics or wood.

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Advantages of SPC stone plastic flooring

Fashion and comfort

Compared with other flooring materials such as wood or stone, SPC flooring has more flexible surface and softer texture. Because the design is copied from real wood through high-resolution printing process, the design of SPC floor is very fashionable and realistic, and it is more comfortable at the foot, reducing the sound, which is a very important feature of many facilities.


Environmentally friendly

The materials used in its production are renewable, non-toxic, recyclable and low emission. No formaldehyde emission, completely recyclable.


Super waterproof

One of the magic weapons of SPC flooring is waterproof, which is a common problem related to hardwood flooring. Compared with hardwood flooring, SPC flooring can also be installed in more places, such as laundry, bathroom, etc. SPC flooring is more stable in humid environments.



SPC flooring is generally more cost-effective than any other type of floor covering material, such as solid wood flooring, stone and marble tiles. It offers many benefits and quality at a lower price.


Easy to install

SPC can reduce the floor installation cost and installation time, and is suitable for DIY and professional installation.


Simple maintenance

SPC does not need to be polished or sealed. It is durable and has high density, so it can resist impact, stains, scratches and wear. And it is easier to maintain than other floors. In addition, because it is completely waterproof, it is easy to keep clean, and maintenance work only requires regular vacuuming or cleaning, occasionally mopping the floor.


SPC flooring has many advantages and is a reliable choice of flooring materials, especially practical for families with pets and children. Easy installation, simple cleaning and maintenance, relatively affordable price, also helps to reduce costs. With almost unlimited design options, it’s also easy to find a look that suits your

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